Figure Competition Practice Suit


Your Measurements

A custom fit requires custom measurements.

Please provide your measurements in inches below.

*Low Waist: This is measured above hipbone for figure/physique/bodybuilding, and at or below hipbone for bikinis.

** Stride: Hold measuring tape to right above butt crack and bring tape between your legs to the front (tightly under crotch) to where you want the front of the suit bottoms to reach. (A longer stride covers more of the lower abs.)

Competition Info

Is this suit being ordered for a particular show?


Check out these quick ship practice suits which can be used for practicing for figure, physique, bodybuilding, wellness divisions

These you can also use as swimsuits!

Many cute prints to choose from

Just add the suit and fabric to your cart and or message upon payment which print/fabric you’d like to use, see these prints below to choose from.

*please note all sales are final on quick sale practice suits alteration fee may apply

Bustpads are extra so if wanted please add these to your cart as well.


Additional information

Weight10 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 3 in

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