style 877 white competition bikini with rhinestone connectors


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*Low Waist: This is measured above hipbone for figure/physique/bodybuilding, and at or below hipbone for bikinis.

** Stride: Hold measuring tape to right above butt crack and bring tape between your legs to the front (tightly under crotch) to where you want the front of the suit bottoms to reach. (A longer stride covers more of the lower abs.)

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“Brittany Price (1st runner-up 2010 South Carolina USA) in bikini shown in swatch # 176
This suit can be made in any solid color, or combination of colors, just go to the fabric groups, pick your fabric & click on it to put in your cart. Different tops & backs are available, but you must let us know this change when you order. Please keep in mind underwire tops, if they are not shown already as underwire, are an added $30.00 more. Don’t forget to fill out the measurement/policy forms.
Bust pads are available.
Photography by George Fulton Productions”

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 1 in


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