Resources for Bodybuilders & Fitness Competitors

Professional and Amateur Federations

Here is a partial list of competition organizations where you can find info on their events and competition suit requirements. Some natural shows require more coverage on the rear so if you’re not sure, then check out the organizations web site or email them.

NPC National Physique Committee
IFBB International Federation of Bodybuilding
NANBF North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation
ABA Amateur Bodybuilding Association
INBA International Natural Bodybuilding Association
PNBA Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association
OCB Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders
IFPA International Federation of Physique Athletes
INBF International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness
WNBF World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
ANBF American Natural Bodybuilding Federation
SNBF Super Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness
USBF United States Bodybuilding Federation
DFAC Drug Free Athletes Coalition
WBFF World Beauty Fitness and Fashion
Fitness America Tour
NGA National Gym Association
NPA Natural Physique Association
NMA Natural Muscle Association
OPA Ontario Physique Association
CBBF Canadian Bodybuilding Federation

Natural bodybuilding Events