Figure and Physique Competition Swimsuits

  1. Ordering two piece suit/bikini/fitness costume:
    we need to know the style number (the way it’s decorated)
    color (add to your cart). If you need help with color choice, we will need a picture or face shot to help you with that.
    cut (if different from the one shown (add to your cart)

If you want to add rhinestone connectors/ornaments or change them to your suit/bikini, put them in your cart and send for a customized suit quote.

Please pick a top & bottom cut if you would like one other than the ones shown under the style #.

If you would like any changes to the design, please let us know so we can give you a quote.
The suits you see cross behind the lower back & have hooks at the ends that fit into loops in the bottoms. If you would like the straps to hook behind the back or just tie with loops in the bottoms, let us know.

Adding bust pads (make you go up a whole cup size) is an added $10.00 per suit, so please click on those and add those to your cart. We also carry silicone ones.

Bodybuilders-please check with your contest/organization to make sure of your suit needs. Some require at least one undecorated/no glitter plain suit.

If you do not see want you want, we can custom make any suit you want with any color rhinestones (see rhinestone and rhinestone connector charts) & several shaped ones as well.

You may provide us a sketch, or if you want it in a certain price range, we can do something unique, the possibilities are almost endless!
Please check out our accessories  links for bust pads, jewelry, bikini bite, robes and cases

When you are done picking put the suits, make sure to fill out the measurement forms if you have not already.

You get one free alteration if your suit does not fit,just email us a front & back pic so we can help you determine where the problem lies. Please do not wait any closer in than 2 weeks prior to your show date to send it back to be altered. You can read more on our policies page

Showing 1–12 of 437 results

Showing 1–12 of 437 results