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Bikini Connectors-Lisa White Blog Post

Connector“Every year I search high and low through the Vandella Costumes website to come up with figure bikini ideas. I can’t help myself. Then I call Kira and she comes up with an entirely new idea for my bikini. It is completely custom, and unique. Her designs include material, and rhinestone designs, and connectors.Connectors? On my figure bikini? I didn’t realize my figure bikini could have connectors, or that she offers an enormous selection of connectors. I had no idea what the possibilities were!

I assumed the connectors were basic, rhinestone strands. Of course, that’s what I get for assuming. I could not have been more wrong. There is a plethora of bikini connectors to choose from.What did I get myself into? S-connectors, marquis connectors, moon connectors, square connectors. The list goes on and on.

Accentuating my personality, physique  and style

Custom Suit by Vandella CostumesIn the past, I was only concerned with rhinestone work on the front and back of the bikini. However, my views on bikinies have changed. Now I look at every single facet, including types of connectors. Actually, the connectors are as important to me as the rest of the bikini because some aren’t a good fit for my build, or even my personality.Some accentuate my build better than others. For example, I love extremely bold connectors on the hips of bikini bottoms, but I have a wide waist. Although the connectors would look beautiful on; it would accentuate my wider waist. Instead, I opt for thinner, smaller connectors.I ran into this issue when I asked Vandella Costumes to make a bikini with HUGE connectors on my triangle top.After looking at the connectors, the suit I wanted, and my photos, Kira suggested another route because the connectors would make me look out of proportion.

She chose something smaller, but one that would suit my personality. Guess what? She was right. It was a perfect fit. ”

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