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How to Get a Great Fitting Competition Bikini

When standing on stage there's not much separating you from the judges and the audience. Obviously, you're in contest shape, but one of the most important factors in competition is a great fitting bikini. Competition bikini rentals are available, as well as off the rack suits, but those are generic- meaning they are small, medium and large sizes.

Although these are "normal" bikini sizes; it's certainly not a custom fit for a bodybuilding competitor.

Why Purchase a Bikini that is more costly, and not tailor made?

Competitors often think off the rack is a good way to buy a quality bikini for a reasonable price, but that's not always the case. The cookie-cutter small, medium, and large sizes are not the best fit for athletes because competitor's bodies constantly change throughout the competition process. From start to finish, a competitor may lose a little weight, or a lot, depending on the shape they're in when they begin contest prep.

With this weight loss and body composition change it's very difficult to buy off the rack, or borrow a suit, that fits perfectly. Instead, measurements are needed for the perfect custom bikini. That's where the magic begins.

Vandella Costumes designs and creates competition bikinis based on measurements. Throughout the leaning out process Vandella Costumes collects new measurements from athletes so the competition bikinis are true to the competitor's body.

How is that possible?

Vandella Costumes uses measurements taken by athletes, or coaches, to custom make competition bikinis. With the combination of measurements, and Vandella Costumes expertise and meticulous care; this becomes the foundation for a proper fit. As the athlete leans out updated measurements are used so the competition bikini fits like a second skin on stage.

How to get a great fit with good measurements

One of the best ways for Vandella Costumes to fit your bikini is to receive good measurements. Ask a friend, or your coach, to use Vandella Costumes measuring guide. Use a measuring tape with a secure slot to hold the tape in place for the most accurate measurements possible. Send these measurements to Vandella costumes and they'll do the rest.

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